Hearty Breakfasts to help you Climb the Ben

Please Note:- A 10% Service Charge will be applied to all Tables. The Minimum Card Payment we accept is £15.00.


If your party are not Staying in the Hotel and you wish to have Breakfast with us, that is OK

Simply give us a call to Book your Breakfasts, preferably Book the Day before.



Cornflakes or Rice Crispies - £3.95

A Bowl of Cornflakes or Rice Crispies with Chilled Milk.

Bowl of Porridge - £4.95

A bowl of Scotts Porridge served with Chilled Milk.

Small Scottish Breakfast - £8.95

1 Fried Egg, 1 Pork Sausage, 1 Back Bacon, Baked Beans, Fried Tomato and Mushrooms.

Large Scottish Breakfast - £10.95

2 Fried Eggs, 2 Pork Sausages, 2 Back Bacon, Baked Beans, Fried Tomato and Mushrooms.

Small Vegetarian Breakfast - £8.95

Scrambled Eggs on Toast with Grated Cheese, Baked Beans, Fried Tomato and Mushrooms.

Breakfast / Lunch Box - £10.00

Two round of Sandwiches, Piece of Fruit, Bag of Crisps, Chocolate Biscuit

and a Choice of a Can of Juice or a Bottle of Still Water.

Breakfast Sides - £4.95

The Lighter Side of Breakfast, for those who fancy just a Snack

Baked Beans on Toast

Bacon On Toast

Pork Sausages on Toast

Fried Eggs on Toast

Hot Filled Rolls- £4.95

Hot Filled Rolls made to your Specification, Extras Fillings are £0.95 each

Fried Egg (Free Range)


Pork Sausages

Black Pudding