Fish & Chip Shop

Sit In or Take Away

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Fish and Chips

Freshly landed North Sea Haddock, served Battered, a fine piece of Fish.

Southern Fried Chicken and Chips

Succulent Chicken Breast coated in a tasty Southern Breading to give it that familar taste.

King Rib and Chips

Pork in the shape of a Rib and coated with a Sweet BBQ Sauce, served with Chips. Really Tasty.

Chip Steak and Chips

Also known as Sizzle Steaks,a really good tasting Steak but not as you know it, Try One !

Steak Pie and Chips (Chip Shop)

The Chippie Steak Pie, a great Pie in it own rights, served with Chips.

Scotch Mince Pie and Chips

The Famous Scotch Pie, the staple Diet of any true Scotsman, served with Chips.

Jumbo Pork Sausage and Chips

A surprisingly tasty Battered Pork Sausage, highly recommended.

White Pudding and Chips

Battered White Pudding made with Scottish Oats, said to be Food of the Gods served with Chips.

Battered Haggis and Chips

Nothing is off-limits, even the Haggis is Battered to enhance its Taste giving it a true taste of Scotland.

Battered Beef Burger and Chips

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Battered Veggy Burger and Chips

Battered Spicy Five Bean Burger served with Chips.